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Matritech advantages

An extension of your operations

Matritech wants to be an extension of your business by understanding your needs, challenges and reality. In a way, our mission is to become the metal fabrication division of your company.

A one-stop shop

Purchasing management is simplified because we offer many manufacturing processes under one roof: cutting, bending, stamping, welding, machining, assembly and tool making. Additionally, we handle all finishing aspects such as paint, plating and passivation.

Your total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower because your management time is reduced (purchasing, follow up, receiving, single transportation, inspection, invoicing, etc.) and transportation is simplified as well.

Imagine – only one purchase order to prepare!

A partner for growth

We will be at your side every step of the way: during the development of your metal parts, prototyping, and production. We will support you as your company grows by offering methods adapted to your needs at every stage of your products life cycle. Our support is particularly beneficial when you need high-volume production runs.

Technical support

As expert in your sector, you pride yourself on the excellence of your products. Matritech is an expert in the field of metal parts manufacturing!

Our project managers suggest you in-house options to lower costs, simplify manufacturing and improve the overall quality of your metal parts.

Time is money

This is why Matritech provides solid project management that has propelled them, over the years, to their position as a leading industry manufacturer. With the help of internal programs, precise timelines and close follow-ups, project advancement is constantly monitored in order to meet your objectives and respect your deadlines.

On-time delivery

At Matritech, we know that clients must offer tighter and tighter deadlines in order to retain their position within their respective markets. This same commitment to on-time delivery makes Matritech a reliable strategic partner at all times. Our goal is ensure your short, mid and long-term growth.


Matritech is a strategic supplier for major international clients worldwide. To earn such recognition, we have built on a foundation based on a strict, methodical and efficient quality control system.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide all documentation necessary for your acceptance parts:

  • PPAP level 1 to 3
  • FAI
  • Dimensional measurements on CMM
  • Conformity certificate
  • Certified welding procedure
  • Monitoring plan
  • Capability study

Our certifications: ISO 9001, CWB 47.1, 47.2

ISO 9001-2008CWB certified

Manufacturing of metal parts for various sectors

vehicules-recreatifsRecreational vehicles
transport-ferroviaireRail transport
transport-routierRoad transport
systeme-eclairageLighting system
systeme-energieEnergy system
structure-batimentBuilding structure
produits-medicauxMedical products