To serve you better, Matritech offers a complete welding department for steel, stainless steel or aluminum assembly projects.

Mass machine-welded assemblies

Our multi-axle welding robots, combined with pulsed arc welding technology, produce complex welding assemblies with impeccable precision. This welding process is, without a doubt, the most favourable option for your high-volume production projects in order to ensure a consistent repeatability and quality.

Short-run production

For smaller-scale production runs, our team of fitter-welders, certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) can respond to even your highest requirements.

Competitive advantages of our machine-welded parts

  • Our technical team's ingenuity enables them to upstream problems before they arise and find suitable solutions for each project
  • The exceptional quality of toolings used, designed & manufactured on-site to meet all the client’s requirements
  • The experience of our robot programmers to maximize operations while assuring that the highest quality standards are always upheld

Our expertise

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