Bending press team leader

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Job description

Under the direction of the Evening shift sheet metal supervisor, the main tasks and responsibilities of the bending press team leader are the following:

  • Supervise machine set-up, verify work methods used by coworkers and validate overall working order
  • Establish set-up data
  • Coordinate work schedules according to priorities determined with the supervisor and /or production planner
  • Generate parts production
  • Manage and assign secondary tasks
  • Participate in finding solutions for issues depending on tooling or material complexities
  • Ensure that team members’ work stations are in good functioning order
  • Conduct quality checks based on control charts
  • Participate with supervisor in performance evaluations of team members
  • Respect and uphold security regulations
  • Fill-out documentation related to work tasks
  • Communicate pertinent information to the next work shift
  • Keep the facility clean and safe


  • Recognized as an Operator Rigger Bender[RB1] #1 at Matritech
  • Master complex bending procedures
  • Master set-up procedures for bending presses
  • Master measuring tools relating to bending procedures
  • The ideal candidate will be an excellent team player and show a keen sense of responsibility.
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Demonstrate initiative

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