Armed with over 25 years of experience, Matritech manufactures a wide range of dies. Their design and manufacture are completely done in-house, which assures quality control from start to finish. For oversize parts, complex geometric shapes or fine details, our design team will find solutions to meet your requirements.

Progressive dies

This type of tooling is favourable for high-volume parts production. Continuously fed through a metal coil, the tool progressively creates each part from station to station. The material is moved along automatically, thus making the process highly effective and lowering the cost of your parts.

Manual transfer dies

For metal sheet bending short-runs, a manual transfer tool is more economical from an original investment standpoint. As its name suggests, parts are transferred manually from one stage to the next inside the die. It is also a preferred method for complex and/or deep parts.

Competitive advantages of our shaping toolings

  • Completely integrated processes, from design to fabrication, including various on-site tests and inspections
  • Extensive experience in a variety of sectors leading to innovative solutions and project optimization
  • Tooling always delivered with acceptance parts and required documentation (PPAP, FAI), approved by the client
  • Tool manufacturing and metal parts production for clients, all under the same roof

Our expertise

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