Matritech offers you its mechanical presses with pressing capacity of up to 500 tonnes. Our presses are compatible with most toolings or other dies designed and manufactured in our factory. Stamping can be done from blank parts or with metal coils to ensure continual high-volume production.

2 types of metal stamping

One type of stamping, also called metal stamping, is a transformation procedure that forms flat metal with the help of dies.

Another type of stamping is a manufacturing technique allowing us to form an object that cannot be unbended, all from a thin piece of sheet metal.

Competitive advantages of our forming processes

  • Machines with large capacity and tables
  • Easy transitions to high-volume production runs:
    With two types of manufacturing under one roof, notably standard cutting-bending and high-volume stamping, transitioning between the two is done easily because the records of your parts and quality criteria have already been coded
  • Major cost reduction through optimization of materials and reduced labour time

Our expertise

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