Leader in manufacturing and assembly

For over 30 years, we counted on our state-of-the-art machinery and the talent of our teams to produce the highest quality of components and assemblies in medium and large series to meet your needs.

We at Matritech are always interested in exploring new sectors of activity. Here are some of the industries in which we are already well-known:

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Electric transportation
  • Road transportation
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy systems
  • Building structures
  • Medical devices
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

People at the heart of Matritech

Our company is defined by each one of us. Want to join our great family? We are waiting for you.

Take the challenge with us

People at the heart of Matritech

Our advantages


Peace of mind

As a professional, you need to secure your day-to-day operations to free up time to consider your long-term goals.

We understand your needs and are committed to using our expertise to offer you this security.

It is simple, you involve us in your projects, and we find solutions!

We deliver quality...week after week, year after year!


Multi-service supplier (Turnkey solutions)

Your purchasing management is simplified because we bring the expertise of several manufacturing processes under one roof: cutting, bending, stamping, welding, machining, assembly, tool making and extrusion processing. In addition, we take care of various finishing steps such as painting, plating and passivation.

Imagine the joy of having only one purchase order to manage!


Commitment and transparency

We choose our clients with care to make sure we share the same values, goals and vision. We also identify the added value of Matritech that would make a real difference for you and your projects.

Once the win-win relationship is confirmed, our team becomes fully involved in the success of your professional and personal projects.

The advantage for you is our desire always to do better!


Long-term partner

We will be with you during the development of your parts, the prototyping and the production launch. We will support your growth by offering you the most suitable processes at every stage of your product's life cycle. Our support will benefit you especially when you need very large production capacities.

Our goal is to take you further!


Expertise and technical support

Just as you are expert in your field through the excellence of your products, our team is an expert in manufacturing metal components.

With experience in various sectors of activity, our engineering team can suggest in-house tips to reduce costs, simplify manufacturing and improve the quality of your assemblies.

Come and take advantage of it!


Complex assembly

  • Your assembly requirements are demanding
  • Your assembly capacity is limited
  • Your assembly has several types of items to assemble
  • Your assembly resources are capped
  • You are looking for a supplier capable of delivering pre-assembled modules or complete assemblies (turnkey)
  • You want to simplify your manufacturing process

We stand out by being a supplier capable of delivering pre-assembled modules or complete assemblies on time every time.

Our methodical approach, robotic equipment and inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process guarantee satisfaction.

Matritech, a key strategic partner!



Operating in various industries, our team is particularly renowned for its creative spirit, technical skills and contribution to new and innovative solutions.

Innovation… it is in Matritech’s DNA!


Time is money

Over the years, Matritech has acquired solid project management capabilities that have propelled us to the forefront of manufacturers. With the help of internal programs, precise deadlines and close follow-ups, the activities' progress is controlled to achieve your objectives.

We meet your deadlines!

What our customers say about us


I would like to highlight Matritech's competence, proactivity and efficiency in tooling development, as well as the team's engineering and commercial support during the last few weeks. We asked Matritech to develop nearly 10 tools to perfection and to deliver several batches of parts in only 18 weeks.


I cannot stress enough how I've enjoyed the team's interaction, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, dedicated approach and culture of continuous improvement. This is the kind of company we enjoy working with and contributes to our success.

Strategic buyer

Over the years, we have established a great collaboration in engineering projects and continuous process improvement with the Matritech team. Their solid experience in tooling design and manufacturing is an asset and a service we appreciate. We can always count on the support of the Matritech team.

Strategic buyer
Élite Composite

A good partnership is essential... Our collaboration with Matritech guarantees us a competitive price, reasonable delivery time, and quality that gives us peace of mind, which is an added value in itself... the competitiveness is good, and you are efficient in complex projects. You are trusted because of your expertise and experience in this field. Customer service is excellent at all levels...

Élite Composite

The Matritech quality

When you choose Matritech, you are choosing the highest quality!

We are renowned as a strategic supplier to major world-class clients. Our founding principles are based on a rigorous, methodical and highly efficient quality control system.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide all the required documentation for your acceptance parts:

  • PPAP levels 1 to 3
  • Control plan
  • FAI
  • Dimensional statement on CMM
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Certified welding procedure


View ISO documentation :  Certification ISO 2022-25 EN


Environmentally conscious

To build a sustainable company, we focus on reducing our waste to a minimum and adequately sorting the materials to be recycled. All share our ecological values, and we support all of our teams' initiatives. The materials we recycle include, among others:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Oils (cutting, press, motor, etc.)
  • Reusable containers

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