The strong tendency of major prime contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) is to focus their efforts mainly on two things that set them apart:

  • The design of high-performance products focused on distinctive niches
  • The final assembly on their assembly lines to ensure consistency and product quality for which they are renowned.

For these major players, Matritech becomes a solid partner by being able to supply not only quality parts but also assemblies and pre-assemblies that contribute to this success.

Matritech offers several assembly-related operations such as bolting, riveting, screwing, crimping, fixturing, labeling, rubber insulation, and more. Our meticulous and extremely creative team develops a range of special tools (assembly, positioning and inspection) to optimize each operation.

The possibilities are endless, and projects' challenges and complexity may vary...

Contact our team to discuss your needs.

Benefits for you!

Your key partner!

  • Receive parts that are already assembled: which significantly increases your manufacturing efficiency.
  • Save space and improve labour management: by focusing your resources on operations and activities that make you stand out in your industry.
  • Maximize purchasing management: by ordering only one assembly rather than dozens of components (orders, reception and shipping, inventory, etc.)
  • Find peace of mind regarding quality: you do not have to worry about the parts' compatibility, the quantity provided, or how well they work because we ensure everything is to your specifications!

What our customers say about us


I would like to highlight Matritech's competence, proactivity and efficiency in tooling development, as well as the team's engineering and commercial support during the last few weeks. We asked Matritech to develop nearly 10 tools to perfection and to deliver several batches of parts in only 18 weeks.


I cannot stress enough how I've enjoyed the team's interaction, attention to detail, adherence to deadlines, dedicated approach and culture of continuous improvement. This is the kind of company we enjoy working with and contributes to our success.

Strategic buyer

Over the years, we have established a great collaboration in engineering projects and continuous process improvement with the Matritech team. Their solid experience in tooling design and manufacturing is an asset and a service we appreciate. We can always count on the support of the Matritech team.

Strategic buyer
Élite Composite

A good partnership is essential... Our collaboration with Matritech guarantees us a competitive price, reasonable delivery time, and quality that gives us peace of mind, which is an added value in itself... the competitiveness is good, and you are efficient in complex projects. You are trusted because of your expertise and experience in this field. Customer service is excellent at all levels...

Élite Composite

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